Our Approach with Candidates

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At Lambert Nemec Group we believe that building a relationship and understanding the needs and objectives of our candidates is key to being successful in satisfying our clients’ hiring needs and in ensuring a long-term and rewarding career for the candidates that we partner with. We post a good portion of the active positions, but are consistently recruiting for confidential opportunities; therefore, not all active positions will be available to you if we have not been introduced.We believe that finding the perfect role is often a process, and perhaps the ideal role is not currently listed or available, but by getting to know you, we can actively search for the perfect role and be your eyes and ears ensuring that we recognize when the perfect position for you comes along.


Upload your resume:

When you upload a resume, it is done in strict confidence, and we will keep the information private. If you are currently working elsewhere, we can contact you during a time that is best suited to your schedule. Once uploaded, we will create a personal profile with your employment history, background, skills, and experience to see if there is a position that fits one of our available opportunities. We can also help by providing feedback in preparing and updating your resume if required. We will be available to meet in person or via a conference call at your convenience.


Getting to know you:

Your resume provides us with the necessary information to see your core competencies, interests, and career trajectory. It is a great way for us to understand your skills and experience so we can build your personal profile, but since everyone is unique, we feel the most important part of the process is meeting with you in order to get a better understanding or all your strengths and abilities.

This initial meeting will also allow us to determine if there is any important information, skills, or experiences that should be included in your resume. Moreover, by meeting, we can understand your overall objectives for your career path as well as find the ideal fit for your personal and professional goals.

While we find the right fit:

Lambert Nemec Group works directly with you to make sure that the opportunities we find and the companies you may possibly work for are a good fit for both parties. Not only do we look at your fit with a company’s culture, we want to make sure that you can also grow and develop your skills to further your career. Over the years, many of the candidates and contractors have become clients and therefore believe it is important to work with you to guide you to the best opportunities throughout your professional career. We understand it is impossible to get to know everything about you in just one meeting, therefore we will always stay in contact with you throughout your career.


Connecting you with our clients:

After reviewing all your information, our consultants will use our network to find ideal opportunities that fit your career goals. Once we find a position that fits, we will contact you to discuss the position, company and any other information that is relevant for the opportunity. If the position is of interest and satisfies the needs and expectations for your career growth we can then, with your consent, move forward to providing your information or resume to the client. We will then provide the client, in confidence, your resume, profile, and relevant skills and experience that make you a good fit for their company. Note that we will never provide any information to a client without discussing the details of the position and company with you.

Once selected for an interview, we will work with the company to set up a meeting and provide you with whatever is necessary to have a successful interview. After the meeting, we will follow up with you regarding each interview you to provide feedback and to make sure the position and the company is a good fit. We will also provide you with any feedback that the company has provided regarding the interview.

If both parties feel that there is a mutual fit and the client requests references, we will work with you to ensure we can provide them with positive references. We will then help you through the negotiation process with the new company and support you with the resignation process at your current place of employment. After taking the new position, we will follow up with you to make sure you are satisfied with your new position and assist you with anything else you move forward with your career.